First Impressions & Branding

According to findings, consumers make their buying decisions by relying on their 2-second first impressions. Within this ultra-short timeframe, your product has to ‘standout’ in today’s highly-populated retail market. And ‘standing-out’ means more than just bright colours and pretty designs. Good product design must be able to evoke the desired emotions, pique the consumers’ curiosity and activate that buying impulse.

Today’s consumers buy more than just the product itself. They buy into the brand’s philosophy, image, attitude, and everything else that’s encountered with the brand and it all rolls into a customer experience that’s unique to your brand.

Branding and product packaging goes hand in hand to relay the brand’s message and the stronger the message is, the more successful your brand will be. Product packaging is the core touch point between the company and the consumer. And communicating the brand’s message and product value in meaningful and unforgettable visuals is a discreet way of building brand equity over time. Strong and focused message is critical in ensuring your brand keeping your customers’ loyalty, sell your product/service and continue to build your brand over generations to come.


Brand Communication & Functionality

We cut straight to the core and only develop brand communications that exude pure style and pure substance. Nothing unnecessary is added onto the tight space of product packaging. We believe strong communications lies in the simplest of messages.

Once the design concept is decided upon, we will discuss, evaluate and refine the concept together with you to produce an effective final product line that will stand out, both in aesthetics and functionality. In addition, we will conduct prototype test launch with small target groups to gather the reactions and if necessary, further refine the concept to ensure the success of the final packaging. We appreciate how important it is to launch with an impact, especially for a new-to-market brand, in the highly-competitive retail market.