Naming a business can be incredibly tough.

We know how challenging it can be naming a business. Is it catchy and memorable? Does it reflect the company’s business? Should it be business-like or pure fun? Will it resonate with the target consumers? Does it have any negative connotation in different cultures? The list goes on! That’s where we come in! At GMN Brand Consultancy, we go through a detailed process to generate a name that is a perfect fit for your business.

As our modus operandi, we begin with research into your business, industry, target customers and most importantly, your brand’s ethos. A good brand name gives a business its unique identity to make that connection with audiences and gain long-term brand affinity and recognition. Be the name that defines your industry!


What’s in a Name?

Naming a brand is certainly much more than creative and interesting brand names. A good brand name must take into account intellectual rights, trademarks without neglecting geographies and languages’ sensitivities, and be socially and culturally acceptable and memorable. Ultimately, it should become the company’s best marketing tool, creating positive brand value for years to come.

Your brand name and tagline will appear on almost every single piece of marketing material you have and shall be your customers’ first introduction and constant contact to your unique business model. This means, the perfect name must fit the brand’s positioning in its marketplace for a powerful and lasting connection with the target audiences.

At GMN Brand Consultancy, our team strives to fulfill your objectives as we believe great things happen when a great product is given a powerful brand name.